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First Post

The first post in any blog is always a little daunting. You want meaningful content and yet the excitement of starting a new project often means you are running on enthusiasm and little else. However I suppose I can point you at our new website, which is still in stealth but does contain a link to a podcast Simon and I did to explain Axe Initiative Games and the Raiders Guild.


I should also say this. Raiders Guild, our flagship product range is a line of D&D-compatible game supplements produced under the 4th edition’s Game System License. There. I've said now, Simon and I are embracing 4th edition D&D, but keeping it separate from Dying Earth & GUMSHOE by creating a new corporate entity. I will be mostly getting people to do things for Raiders Guild while Simon concentrates on the likes of Trail Of Cthulhu and Mutant City Blues.

My job is made much easier by the fact that Raiders Guild is the creation of Robin D. Laws, who has repeatedly worked for Pelgrane Press (and others) on some of the finest roleplaying games material in print. I also consider it a great boon that I've secured Dave Allsop as our art director. Dave, of SLA fame, is now a constant freelance concept artist for Wizards Of The Coast. You'll see much of his work in the upcoming 4th edition and our own range.

So that's it for now. The real work begins and as it does I'll post more information about our progress here. In the mean time, wish us luck and leave a reply to say hello.


Hello. It all sounds good!
Raiders Guild

October 2008

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